Saturday Buys

It’s been a lovely Saturday. Hopefully it continues to be just so. Woke up with a slight fever but that did not waiver  my spirit, I knew I had to get stuff done today, like sleep in, organize my candle cabinet, obsesses over yet another amazing Journal. Bake Cupcakes! Yum! I’ll post the Recipe on here soon.

Yes I bought another one yesterday. Went in TJ Max to get a Dish rack for the house walked out with this amazing  Black Leather Journal. It looks like a freaking clutch. It was too hard to resist, so to make my life easier I didn’t. I bought it. Didn’t really put much of a dent in my budget but I have 4 new Journals sitting there on my book shelf, still pretty fresh.

So Bath and Body is currently having a sale on their selected 3 Wick Candles $15. I’m going to go ahead and let that one go and wait for when it’s buy 2 for $22. So much more cheaper. Although I did get these three beautifully scented Winter Inspired mini Candles.




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