A New Yorkers New York 

What makes this city. New York city so great. It’s over crowded, half the time it smells like pee, it’s expensive dangerous don’t even get me started on the MTA. Cost of living is way out of reach for some. We have an over abundance of tourists who seem to think it’s okay to suddenly stop in the middle of the street to take a picture. Come on guys save it for after rush hours.

Then what is it exactly that makes New York such a beautiful riveting adventure?
New York under the microscope is something mesmerizing. Here the colors shine brighter at nights than the day. Yes half the time it smells like pee, but the other delicious half smell like cinnamon buns, hot coffee, lattes with vanilla swirls, expensive perfume, those dangerously delicious churros. The population itself is so ambient and diverse one can only imagine the variety of food served here. I’ve eaten food from Greek Baklava to the authentic taste of China.

People here are a walking canvas some full of colors others painted a stunning black and white. Inspiration can strike at any moment, from watching the ladies with louboutin shoes to that one shoe the homeless guy wears only on his left shoe.
It’s very hard to see beauty where it’s not convenient for the naked eye and maybe that’s why the only people who truly love and understand this city are New Yorkers themselves. Even with all its smells, trash and loud noises.  ❤ ❤ ❤


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