The Routine

It’s very easy to fall into a consistent routine. for me it’s wake up 5 minutes before I’m supposed to leave for work, eat nothing until I get to work, probably chew on those Fiber one cookies that are always present at the office;oh and since I decided to give up coffee, I always have to opt for milk. so I eat fiber whole grain cookies with milk. Breakfast for Champions right?
Lunch is a drag, it’s either I gobble down food in 10min or work and eat at my table. Nothing kills an appetite more than answering phones with your mouth full. it’s always work, home, work, home then work again. I’m not tired in the sense of fatigue. I’m exhausted living the same day over and over again. Sure to some this may sound like a regular stable life, and I’m very grateful for what I’ve been given. Yet I still ache to go adventures, I want to travel but becoming an adult just makes you aware of every single detail as to why one can’t just pack up and travel to Rome, or Turkey.

I just want a fun life and I know I sound like a child but I’m not ashamed of wanting a little fun in my life. I wasn’t born to make money so I can pay off bills.

It’s a cliche constantly wishing and wanting to travel and see new things but that’s how we’re programmed. That’s how I’m programmed. Staying in one certain stage bores me, it irritates me. Maybe it’s the dread of broken and forgotten dreams.




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