I’m a spontaneous writer. An avid eater ( I LOVE FOOD). An addicted reader.

It’s always hard for me to write “ABOUT ME” sections. It just seems so uncomfortable. It seems almost unnatural to me. When someone asks me “Tell me About yourself” I never know how to answer.

Some responses I’ve over the years:

“I like books, and ice creams. Short walks to the fridge.”

“How about you tell me about yourself?” ( Always answer a question with another question. They never see it coming)

“I’m happy”

“What? Me? I don’t know. I’m pretty nice. I guess”


Call me Wawa.

Age: 24


In Love with :Chocolates, Candles, food, books, life,Family ,especially my Adorable bearded brother and my 6 foot 3 husband.   ❤