The Routine

It’s very easy to fall into a consistent routine. for me it’s wake up 5 minutes before I’m supposed to leave for work, eat nothing until I get to work, probably chew on those Fiber one cookies that are always present at the office;oh and since I decided to give up coffee, I always have … More The Routine

Saturday Buys

It’s been a lovely Saturday. Hopefully it continues to be just so. Woke up with a slight fever but that did not waiver  my spirit, I knew I had to get stuff done today, like sleep in, organize my candle cabinet, obsesses over yet another amazing Journal. Bake Cupcakes! Yum! I’ll post the Recipe on … More Saturday Buys


Thank God it’s Friday! With heavy feet and an aching back, I can’t wait to bid work farewell for the weekend.  Fridays should be just for baking. Saturdays for cartoons and sleeping in. Sunday for delicious food, lots and lots of food and when the sun sets …dread.