Depression plays a big part in pregnancy. Your body is changing, your sleeping schedule, everything around you seems so much more intense. In my case my temper was amplified. I was dealing with a lot. Classes and a full time job with a very irritating boss. Not to mention I was supposed to train a … More DEPRESSION.

Mom Diaries

June 28th 2017 2:03 AM. I was blessed with my beautiful Daughter. It seemed as if the past 9 months would go on forever. Now I’m sitting in front of a pedestal fan, next to a very cozy bassinet praying that the little one doesn’t wake up just yet. So many of my friends and … More Mom Diaries

Pregnancy Blues

“I’ve had many restless nights due to the little one rumbling and tumbling in my belly. But last night was a different kind of restlessness. With only 27 weeks in my pocket, I can not wait for this baby. I’m so excited. Especially”   The above was saved as a draft when I was 27 … More Pregnancy Blues

The Routine

It’s very easy to fall into a consistent routine. for me it’s wake up 5 minutes before I’m supposed to leave for work, eat nothing until I get to work, probably chew on those Fiber one cookies that are always present at the office;oh and since I decided to give up coffee, I always have … More The Routine

Saturday Buys

It’s been a lovely Saturday. Hopefully it continues to be just so. Woke up with a slight fever but that did not waiver  my spirit, I knew I had to get stuff done today, like sleep in, organize my candle cabinet, obsesses over yet another amazing Journal. Bake Cupcakes! Yum! I’ll post the Recipe on … More Saturday Buys